Healthy Hannah Fitness Program

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The healthy hannah fitness program is what I have decided to name my current health program. Honestly though it isn’t really a health fitness program. This uses what everyone should already know to lose weight, rather than just instantly losing it. It takes hardwork, dediaction, and an ability to make changes when things aren’t quite panning out. This is my learning experience on how to be a fitter & healthier me, hence the “healthy hannah” part.

I am currently trying to lose weight for personal reasons and my own general health. I have  several health problems that occur in my family that are commonly diet and weight related. How better to postpone or stave off these issues than to get healthy now in my twenties rather than just have to suffer through the consequences of it in my fourties or fifties. 

This program as I call it is supposed to be a slow weight loss. Although, the weight has been coming off rather quickly which is just a sign that I have enough to drop quickly. I am using a couple of outside resources right now to track my weight loss & general well being. I use a phone app called Myfitnesspal which is absolutely awesome for tracking what you eat, what your calories are, the breakdown of major food groups you eat throughout the day, & calories burnt when you exercise. It also helps you to plan your days. This app has been instrumental for my current weight loss. It is a shocker taking the first couple of days without food changes and actually seeing how many calories you consume on a standard basis, even eating rather healthy. I ate roughly 2200 calories a day before my diet changes & I now eat between 1200-1700 calories a day. 

I have also increased my working out. I walk my boys just about every day for at least 25 minutes. Which makes them uber excited of course, and it’s a good bonding thingy for the three of us. Mr. Picklez, my cat, however is not as thrilled and has snubbed me for the last few days. Then I throw in other workouts based on what I am feeling like. I absolutely live doing zumba, the beats and let loose dancing is such a thrill and really keeps me going. It is also a great cardio and major stress reliever. I am also doing Pop Pilates. I have Cassey’s dvd & then she has tons of youtube videos & her own website. So if you are looking for someone to workout with who is just extra supre happy check out or blogilates on So sometimes I do a lot in a day, & sometimes I only end up walking my boys it just really depends, but as long as I am doing something each day it’s ok in my book. 

These are the two main things I am currently using in my healthy hannah fitness program. Of course there are other things, but I’ll save those all for another post. Thanks for reading! Catch you all next time. 🙂 


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