20 Minute Cardio

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I know everybody probably says this, but I totally have the most awesome dogs ever!! I mean how could they not be right? They are my best friends and help keep me company 90% of the time. They are also the best taste testers, cause they like everything that I make. So yeah, they are pretty spifftastic.

One of the best ways I’ve found to stay active is to also walk with my boys. They love it, and we all get to reap the benefits from it. They may not be the most behaved on their walks, we are currently working on that though…. But they are still pretty great. As long as Jack isn’t trying to kill Maddox or me with his dumb love ways. Honestly he really does everything out of love, even trying to kill himself and his family by pushing, pulling, or otherwise tripping them into traffic. Otherwise, they do normal dog things like get overly excited when they see squirrels, other dogs, or when people walk by them. Hey if you read this and totally know these dogs it is ALRIGHT to pet them, otherwise I have to hear them cry for the next few minutes because apparently me loving them is not enough.

But hey, what can you do. Walking them though has been a great way for me to stay active though. If I know I am not going to be able to fit in a workout later on int the day hey I took them on a walk and that is better than nothing. So yeah me and my walking buddies. They are the best!!

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